Bikini Waxing For The Hubby

September 11, 2008 at 5:43 pm (love, marriage, sex, sex life) (, , , , )

As an obvious fear, I was always afraid of getting a bikini wax. I had heard horror stories about the pian and embarrassment of geting such a service done. So after too many years of razor burn and stubble, I broke down and made a waxing appointment.

I gotta tell ya, pain may be an understatement of your first visit.  A secret of bikini waxing is go often, keep it “slick” at all times. When there is less to wax, there is less to torture yourself with. A definite plus is that it keeps your guys attention when he knows you are always slick. My husband loves it, and he gets that gleam in his eye when I tell him I have a waxing appointment. Over the last several visits, I have got much more done. I’ve pretty much got it down to the “landing strip”.  So as I look at Syndey’s newest handy work on my bikini wax, I’m aware of the night that is to come. It gets my hubby really hot and horny to know I’m freshly waxed. In fact, just talking about this is getting me wet awaiting his arrival home this evening. By the way honey, I know you’re reading this at work. So I hope you’re ready to throw me down and give me all that thrills me so very much. You know just how to fuck me and make me always beg for more each night we get together.  For those of you men reading this with a woman of your own: Go get her flowers on the way home, go home and kiss her like you haven’t seen each other in weeks. Give her a ride tonight that will make it impossible  for her to concentrate at work tomorrow. The unexpected sexual encounter is always the best!  

So tonight I’m sure there will be an inspection from my husband :-). I’m a lucky woman.



  1. hankypanky4me said,

    I need to wax and I am nervous…I think I will try myself…Lollie

  2. Becoming a true brazilian beach queen « My Brazilian Brasil said,

    […] view an interesting fashion blog, click here. To read a story about getting bikini waxed, click here. To view a bikini every woman would love to have, click […]

  3. Luis Paulo Fraga said,

    Hey! Nice story! I bet your husband was happy. I’ve written a post about bikinis and I’ve linked to this post on my blog, ok? Keep up! See you

  4. makeyourwifehot said,

    Yup…depending on your age, pain threshold, and sexual prowress, you will probably agree AFTER the fact that waxing is definitely worth it. I call it “an ounce of pain for a pound of pleasure!” I have a blog article on it, as well. You can read it at

    Great blog. Keep up the good work.

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