Vacation to Hedonism III

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As a birthday present from my husband, he has booked a trip I have wanted to take for years. We are going to Hedonism III in Jamaica. I have been reading up on many things that go on in this resort. Here’s some of my questions:

  1. What’s the average age/ body type? Seems like the pictures I have found online, thers’s a big Twenty Something crowd and a Fifty Something crowd. So there it is, My husband is in his 40’s, I’m in my 30’s. So I guess we will either be old fogeys or young kids, depending on who we will get a seat next to at the nude pool! Oh please let me find a beach chair next to a fat pasty white old woman…. I’m working out regularly and should be in great shape by the trip, but a little visual comparison can’t hurt! So what’s the nude etiquite? Obviously no deep knee bends, sitting “Indian Style” while talking to a stranger, or applying sunscreen to certain parts of your spouse….  What is the general basis for public nudity? Where the hell do you put your room key? LOL….
  2. This is a place for all different “Lifestyles”. Swingers, Singles, Fetishes, Nudists, etc. Is there a basic lingo for talking to others? Meeting strangers, there must be a better way to meet then “Hey, I like to cluck like a chicken with a guy in a gorilla suit while my wife sings polka and spanks herself with wet lettuce” Just an example… 🙂
  3. How the hell do you keep yourself from staring? From the Beautiful to the downright horrible, it’s got to be a people watchers dream come true! I guess I need some mirrored sunglasses.

My husband and I are looking for trying some new things together, should be quite the memorable vacation. This has been enjoyable for both of us already. We send each other fun photo albums we find online, or links to clothes we want each other to wear while there – each night is a different dress up night.

I have only got 2 different reactions from people I’ve told about our vacation

  1. Ah! Man! I wish I could go there! My friend went and said it was AWESOME!
  2. You’re going WHERE? Oh, I would never have the nerve to go there, but tell me about it when you get back!

We have an Oceanfront Suite on the Nude Side, they have a Nude Side and a Prude Side. Looking forward to sliding down the nude water slide, it goes through the disco!

Have you been to Hedonism 3 or are you going in the future? Reply and let me know!


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  1. TheTravelSlut said,

    I’ve only been to Hedonism III on four separate occasions in the past 2 years (the most recent being April-may 2008) and all of your questions are legitimate.

    Just a couple excerpts from my blogs and groups about Hedo III:

    Party’s sake? It doesn’t get any better at night just about anywhere you go. Sexy costumes, fun people, music and drinks & champagne—how can you go wrong?

    Rule #1 —Hedo is about what YOU want, when you want it, where you want it, with whom you want it, and how you want it—–or NOT WANT IT.

    Who is at Hedo?

    I think a lot has to do with what group(s) are there at the resort at any given day and it does change daily. My last 2 experiences at Hedo were wonderful and all I received was compliments and smiles–no pressure for anything just to keep smiling… 🙂

    Age is a state of mind at Hedo and you will see a few people 20-25 and a few people 65-70 with the majority being 35-55. If you have enjoyed other C/O resorts, then you know you get a good cross-section of society and travelers. The same with Hedo and again, it changes daily based on who is there and what group(s) are there.

    As for the “games”, refer to Rule #1. There are some sexy games at the quad pool and on main entertainemnt stage and even the disco & pools at night but YOU have the option to participate and have fun, watch and have fun or leave and make your own fun. Again, no pressure.

    As for outfits, you can tell from my Yahoo! Group photos that I love to get costumed up and I take outfits for each night. Many others in the group take tons of clothes, others take just a few outfits, others take one or two interchangeable-type outfits and some (rarely) take nothing–because that is their option–no worries, no pressure.

    You should consider going with fun, trusted friends your 1st time. If not, consider joining up with a group (like mine) as all most expect is a smile and a great attitude and a love of fun— and Hedo is just the place for this.

    A few, maybe not often mentioned, highlights:

    Check out the grotto under the glass bottomed hot tub, outside the disco which is a very under utilized spot IMHO. Be prepared though. The glass bottom hot tub itself is a fun place to hang out and watch and/or mingle with the disco goers, and not have to put up with the volume of the disco its self.

    Try out the different hanging beds around the property, IMO, the ones over by the steam room on the nude side offer the best “stage”.

    Of course, the late night waterslide clear tube that runs through the roof of the disco is a must-do event. Be prepared for a fast and wild ride!

    The piano bar has some great entertainment at times (10-11 PM). Here’s you chance to sing.

    Sunsets in the nude hot tub can be awesome.

    Don’t forget to try the grill food that John cooks up at the nude pool.

    Don’t forget to check out the quad area which has the Clothing Optional pool and games that are no less than X-rated at times.

    So basically, come to Hedo for 2 or 3 or 4 nights to start and then check it out yourself— or come for the whole week–it’s your choice. I think you will be pleasantly surprised and like the vast majority of the people that go (like me)–can’t wait to return.

    Hedonism II and Hedonism III are both great resorts for one thing: Meeting compatible, party, & fun people in a relaxed atmosphere and tropical setting.

    There was never a Hedonism 1 but a name change of a resort in Negril in the late 1970’s gave birth to Hedonism II (H2) which developed into the original “mother of all parties resort” in the early 1980s.

    Hedonism III (H3) in Runaway Bay, Jamaica opened in 1999. H2 is about 50 miles west of Montego Bay and H3 is about the same to the east. H2 has 280 similar rooms and H3 has 225 hotel rooms and suites.

    Both H2 & H3 have similar day and night time activities/entertainment but their settings are different.

    H2 is on 28 tropical acres facing west overlooking Negril’s Bloody Bay while H3 sits on 19 acres of man-made resort-type vegetation. Sunsets are great at either resort.

    Beaches—What really sets them apart are their beaches. Both resorts cater to both clothed and clothing-optional clientele known as the “prude” and the “nude” beach categories.

    H2 has a natural beach with lots of natural foliage and a beautiful white-sand beach stretches about 1,000 feet from Point Village family resort on one side of H2 to the Sandals Negril resort on the other. The nude and prude beaches are split along the middle of the resort.

    H3’s nude beach is man-made and about 200 feet wide with coral outcroppings on both sides but the beach water is shallow and well protected by a breakwater. The prude beach is more natural and about 400 ft. wide. Many hope H3 will someday reverse the use of both beaches since most guests use the nude side anyway.

    Services & activities— They are mostly the same at H2 & H3 with daily adult games and night time adult theme parties. Both resorts are for adults only, 18 years and older and both are “all inclusive” that include Selected room accommodations, all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks), all beverages( including soft drinks, beer, house wines, bar drinks, liquors), daily and evening activities (almost hourly), non-motorized water sports, entertainment nightly, themed events, airport transfers, hotel taxes and gratuities.

    Both have a fitness center, internet service, tour desk, jewelry and sundry shops on site and H3 used to have a full-scale trapeze with lessons (doubtful it will return though). You can even get married for free (basically) at either resort.

    Food—Some do not feel either resort offers gourmet fare but I feel that is subjective because I have always enjoyed both buffet and sit-down meals and never sent any food back and have always found something good to eat.

    Both H2 & H3 have buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner with local dishes combined with classic food so there is something for everyone. You can find vegetarian, low carb/South Beach-type food and my favorite- local fruits and vegetables with a tropical flair combined with local specialties like kalooloo, ackee, jerk meat and salt fish.

    Both H2 and H3 have sit-down restaurants with full service. You will find Asian at Munasan and Italian at Pastafari and reservations are required for both. Resort casual attire is required however.

    Both resorts also have the Scotch Bonnet Restaurants which serve Jamaican fare. Robert’s Diner (burger bar) next to the H2’s nude pool serves great grilled burgers, chicken, fish, fries and hot dogs and jerk chicken is also served around 5-6 PM but both close down early evening. H3 has a grill at its swim-up bar for burgers, fries and finger food.

    Water activities— abound at both H2 & H3. Snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, water skiing, sailing, glass bottom boating, sea kayaking and more are included but getting certified in scuba means lots of studying and pool/open water time during the day. There usually is diving morning and early afternoon but night diving is available for an extra charge.

    Spas—H2’s spa facilities are relatively new and some of the best on the island. Services include manicures, pedicures, hair and nail salon, massages, face rubs, body scrubs, etc. and there’s even a private plunge pool, open air relaxation pool, plus a Jacuzzi hot tub nearby (a great spot for private parties in the spa area in the evenings and if you and your group want an on-premises party spot ask for it in the evening and for night time private adult events of your own).

    Similar spa treatments are available at H3, but facilities are more limited but there is a steam room and a separate sauna. H3 does not have a hair salon however. Beauty salon and spa services costs at both resorts can be added to your room.

    Rooms—Singles, couples, triples and quads are welcome at either resort. The single share program allows a single person to buy essentially “half a room” where they can share a room to avoid the single supplement. Triples and quads are welcomed for 3-4 females (only).

    Guests—Most guests range between the mid 20s to mid-60s with the majority being 30-50. As with any resort, you’ll find a cross-section of society but very few introverts.

    Employees— H2 & H3 pride themselves in their service. Although tipping is included– if you do decide to add gratuities, be discreet about it. Try to get to know your room attendants, bar tenders, waiters and waitresses AND the entertainment staff as they will try even harder to “make your day” (and/or your night). Treat all of them with respect and they will return your kind gestures 10 fold.

    Day activities—-Daytime fun includes body painting, adult games, body shots, water slide contests. Lunch time spin events include the wet T shirt contest, musical mates and loads of other adult fun and a reason to eat lunch at the buffet restaurant to watch the action on stage.

    Night activities— Wind down the day in or around the pool, watch a sunset from the hot tub or where ever at either resort but my favorite spot is from the patio atop the Scotch Bonnet at H3 for sunset.

    Nights start with dinner, followed by main stage entertainment, onto the piano bar and then the disco and finally to the nude pools and hot tubs to continue the night.

    Theme nights are the best because you can dress up, wear costumes, act your alter-ego and meet new people (similar to Fantasy Fest in Key West). Both resorts have nightly themes listed below but they can change without notice, especially for holidays and special occasions.

    Hedonism II

    Monday Reggae Night and Dance Off
    Tuesday Battle of the Sexes & Pajama Party
    Wednesday Disco Welcome Party
    Thursday Guest/Staff Talent Show & Toga Party
    Friday Reggae Beach Party, Games & Circus Show
    Saturday International Cabaret Night
    Sunday Oldies Cabaret & Dance Contest

    Hedonism III

    Sunday Popping the Cherry/Battle of the Sexes
    Monday Island Carnival
    Tuesday Sheer Fantasy & Pajama Party
    Wednesday Pimp & Ho 70’s Party
    Thursday Amateur Talent Show & Toga Party
    Friday Roots & Culture Fetish Fantasy
    Saturday Grand Gala Erotic formal

    Toga and Pajama nights are the most popular themes followed by 70s night and Battle of the Sexes. Generally, more than half the crowd seem to get into the themes and when there’s a big group at either resort, then the participation increases.

    Disco and dancing starts after 11 PM nightly and the night club at H3 is nice due to the air conditioning. Music selection is subjective to the DJ spinning so it can be too loud, too soft, too reggae, too rapping, to disco, too hip-hop, etc. There is always the clear, see-through water tube slide that flows through the disco’s ceiling for alternative enetertainment.

    During the evening buffet meal, nightly entertainment is featured on the main stage during dinner with most acts starting at 9 PM nightly.

    Expect activity throughout the night and early morning hours at the nude pools, nude hot tubs and especially at the tub in the Quad at H3 but remember to take your drinks since the Quad pool bar is closed at dark. The Quad at H3 gets its name because four guest buildings face each other and form a square, which includes a pool, swim up bar and hot tub. Also H3’s swim up bar on the nude side stays open until 5 am. At H2, take your liquid fun with you in a cup.

    For all-around adult fun, with the most variety of day time and evening themes and entertainment, Hedonism resorts offer the best value compared to any other adults-only resorts and there are good reasons for their 80-85% return rate of guests.

    So, which is better? I do not believe there is a 100% accurate answer as opinions are subjective but the info above should help because they are supposed to objective. I think much might have to do with what group or groups are there at any given time. Our Krewe every spring has fun enough to spread around.

    I’ll have been to Hedo 3 four times since 2007 and after my week-long April 2008 trip, I think I have a pretty good idea what I like, don’t like and don’t have an opinion one way or another. To me, it is ALL GOOD and you can’t make a wrong decision no matter what your choice. Besides, it gives you an opportunity to try both and make up your mind!

    The Travel Slut Top 13 Tips for Hedonism III

    1. Book the Thursday Nude Cruise (it is only available on Thursdays) early in the week. It is lots of fun in the sun and it includes : transport to and from Hedo, all drinks, a party deck on a large catamaran, sexy deck games, great crew and a refreshing swim stop.
    2. Be sure to complete the 10 minute guest comments before leaving. Staff needs and wants feedback on their performances and areas of concern.
    3. Use your laptop to access the free wi-fi at Jam Dung Bar & Grill(located about a 10 minute walk across the entrance road to Hedo) and sample some local cuisine. Tell Jerome that The Travel Slut sent you. You will lots of locals eating and drinking there throughout the money.
    4. Take advantage of the watersports available. All non-motorized sports are free. Just sign up at the beach shack.
    5. Don’t forget to check out the disco-level, glass-bottom Jacuzzi hot tub from the main pool grotto (you need to look up).
    6. Ask about whether there will be any body-painters there during your stay especially if you have never done it before. It is fun.
    7. For a relaxing and beautiful sunset view, have an early dinner or drink on the rooftop deck bar of the waterfront Scotch Bonnet Grill.
    8. Check the vendors during mid-day for the local handmade items
    9. See John at the nude pool Bar & Grill and he will grill you up some great nachos, burgers or….?
    10. Consider bringing aqua socks if you plan to enter the water at the nude beach. They are not critical to have but nice in case there are some errant sea urchins.
    11. If you are looking for some suntan time, mornings are usually the best and the two wooden piers on either side of the nude beach offer some quiet time from the pool areas.
    12. If the breeze stops, be prepared to apply insect repellent (I’ve only had to do this once)
    13. Bring sunscreen or come to Hedo with some initial tan. I saw too many two-tone bodies this past visit where fire-engine red was the primary skin tone. It is not safe nor pleasant either.

    In the meantime, take care, travel safe and have safe fun!

    Ann, TS

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